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Pork Butt - People's Choice

The Pork Butt is the people's choice contest. All teams compete in

this competition, but now we are opening it to teams that want to

ONLY cook pork butt. 

Ticket holders will be able to sample all the

pork butt they can from all the BBQ Teams.

This is a good options for teams that are on our waitlist for the

competition and still gives them a chance to join the fun!

Image by Benjamin Faust
Image by Jez Timms

Peoples Choice Only

Wether we are capped out on BBQ entry teams

or you just want to do something simple and fun.

Enter our BBQ Pork Butt Peoples Choice.

All BBQ teams compete in this category, but we have opened this Pork Butt only category for those seeking not to cook chicken, ribs & pork

 for the judges.

We provide 20 lbs. of pork butt and

the contestant matches a minimum of 20 lbs.



Adult Class



A "People's Choice" contest starts at 2PM and runs until 4PM or teams are out of meat. This contest consists of BBQ pork butt cooked on site.


You may prepare your pork in any manner you choose to provide to the public in 2 oz cups. We will provide all cups and spoons (if necessary) for you to present your pork to the public.


The public tasters must have a wrist band on to sample from the teams. Each person with a wrist band has been given 2 tickets to vote for their favorite pork. If they don't have a wrist band on, they can not vote for you and you are wasting your sample.


We anticipate over 3,000 attendees. We recommend preparing a minimum of 40 to 70lbs of pork or more, with a minimum of 20lbs please. We will provide you 20 lbs. and ask that you match a minimum of 20 lbs.The pork may be served wet or dry.


Prizes for "Peoples Choice" will be awarded and are not included in point tallying for any FBA scorecards. All teams are expected to participate in this contest.


We appreciate your participation in this contest as this “peoples choice” is what draws the attendance numbers to our event and helps us raise money for our charity. 

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