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About Us - Staff & Coordinators

Brian Gamble


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Allen Shaffer

Vice President

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Amanda Rivera

Vice President

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Phil Aldrich


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Sara Vaughn


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The Firefighters Charity Alliance of Central Florida, Inc. is a non-profit charity that was established by local first responders in 2012 under the name of the Lake FIrefighter Charity . The purpose of establishing this charity was to provide the ability to raise funds to give back to our community locally. We believe in helping out on a local level and taking care of our very own here that may need assistance.

In 2021, the charity changed its name to the Firefighter Charity Alliance of Lake County, and doing business as the Firefighter Charity of Central Florida. The name change better reflected the mission and the community we served and helped to differentiate the charity from being affiliated with any other organization, union, or fire department. We are NOT affiliated with the union, Professional Firefighters of Lake County, Local 3990. We believe in giving back to our local community and helping local first responders in time of crisis, and are not limited to only helping one organization.

We do a variety of events through out the year to raise money. Our board of directors is comprised of firefighters, dispatchers, and other members of our community. Our charity board is not compensated for their time - they all donate their time to making this organization successful. In addition, we have a number of volunteers that help with our events. This charity is open to anyone that would like to help - you are not required to be a firefighter or in emergency services.

Some of the ways we are helping our community:
Firefighter Toy Store during Christmas for local families in need to shop for free to provide presents for their children
Donate to women's cancer organizations to help raise awareness and support
Donate food to our local food banks
Donate funds to help support scouting for our youth here in Lake County
Donate funds to other worthwhile causes locally
Supported a local health care professional going through chemo
Supported two local children battling Leukemia
Supported a local retired firefighter battling cardiac issues
Sponsors a mammogram program in Tavares for women who can not afford
Sponsors a mammogram program in Clermont for women who can not afford 
Created a fund to help local firefighters (Florian Fund)

How to contact us:


Mail:   2880 David Walker Dr. Ste 166, Eustis, FL 32726

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