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Florian Fund

The Florian Fund was established by the Firefighters Charity Alliance in 2017.

The Charity has been helping the community since 2012 and added the Florian Fund to start helping local Firefighters in dire emergency situations.

The Florian Fund has been established to help local firefighters with major medical expenses such as out of pocket expenses for cancer treatments,  treatments for PTSD, and immediate help when an extreme personal emergency arises. This fund helps during the gap between when the emergency happens and a GoFundMe or a fundraiser can be established.

The Firefighters Charity board works to monitor the requests quickly based on funds available and with a quick turn around time to help the firefighter or his family.

The Florian Fund is comprised of donations and fund raised monies from the Firefighter Charity Aliliance. All monies raised stay HERE to help firefighters on a LOCAL level.

Our Florian Fund has helped these local Central Florida Firefighters during  critical medical crisises.

Chief Dan Miller suffered sudden cardiac arrest in 2019.  We were able to take care of his family to provide meals and lodging near the hospital during his recovery period. Chief Miller is back to full health and back working for Lake County Fire Rescue.

Danny Miller.jpg

Firefighter Carsten Keifer from Tavares Fire Department was attacked and severly injured by an alligator during a hunting outing in Central Florida in 2019 and almost lost his arm. We were able to help raise funds to get him through his out of work period and help with medical bills. Carsten is back to work today.


Firefighter Jen Roland suffered a paralyzing medical issue that ended her career as a firefighter for Lake County Fire Rescue.  Our Florian Fund was able to contribute to help with her medical bills and recovery  during this long process. She is still in rehabilitation and growing stronger every day.


Firefighter Blake Kocielko has just begun his career as a firefighter for Lake County Fire Rescue in 2022.

Blake was diagnosed with brain cancer and was put out of work. Our Florian Fund was able to contribute to help with his medical bills and surgery expenses. See updates on Blake and make a donation.


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