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Burger Battle

Our cookers battle for the title of Best Burger!

Join the fun and see if you have the best.

Youth and Adult categories



Burger Battle

See if you have what it takes to win our
Burger Battle!

Your choice of meat and toppings

presented to our panel of judges.

Contest begins:

Friday - March 17th

Cook begins 6:35M. Turn in 7:20PM

Pre-cook meeting at 6:20PM

at Hospitality Tent with Chef Padilla

Youth Division is for 18 and under

Adult division is over 18 years old

Hosted by

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Adult Class
1st Place - $150 & Collectors Cap
2nd Place - $75 & Collectors Cap

Youth Class
1st Place - $100 cash & prizes 
2nd Place - $50 cash & prizes


Adult Class (18 and up)

Youth Class (Under 18)


1. The Burger Battle will start promptly at 6:20PM with a cook meeting at our Hospitality tent. Questions and answers session and cook begins at 6:35PM. Turn in time is 7:20PM. Please be sure to retrieve your turn in container from the hospitality/host tent prior to turn in.


2. The contestants will have 45 minutes to prepare their burger for turn in to the judges table/hospitality host tent. DO NOT TURN THIS IN TO THE FBA tent! This is a host ancillary event.


3. The Burger Battle will be limited to 15 contestants. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.


4. The winner will be decided by a panel of three to five judges. Each judge will rate the burger on a scale of 1 (the lowest) to 5 (the highest) in the categories of taste, appearance and originality. The cook with the highest score will be named champion.

Prizes are as follows:

Adult Class
1st Place - $150
2nd Place – $75 cash & Trophy/Ancillary Award

Youth Class
1st Place - $100 cash & ancillary award
2nd Place – $50 cash & Culinary basket or ancillary award


5. All food products must be cooked through to the temperature recommended by the USDA. The Shamrockin Festival and the Firefighter Charity Alliance will not risk illness to the judges or liaisons. A professional chef will instruct and inspect all turn in burgers for proper cook temperature preparedness.  Any food cooked under those temperatures will be disqualified. You may cook at your location on the property or if a grill is available at the hospitality tent, you may use this grill to cook your burger. You may be required to share this host grill if other participants need to access.


6. There will be no restrictions on toppings or condiments to the burgers. The burger created can consist of any food items the cook brings with him but must represent a traditional hamburger and the meat must be cooked on site. A traditional hamburger is to be composed of at least one grilled “patty” (ground beef or any alternative food) placed between a “bun” (bread product or any alternative wrapping). No other items should be in the container other than the burger and it's toppings. No sides or side garnishments.


 7.  The burger must not weigh more than ¾ lb. or less than ¼ lb. “Sliders” are not accepted.

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