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  1. Application must be completed thoroughly

  2. Applicants, recipients and children must live in Lake County, Florida

  3. Applicant proof of residency required

  4. Applicant proof of income required

  5. Applicant income should not exceed national poverty index, however, exceptions may be considered on a case by case basis

  6. Applicants can not exceed more than three years use of the program

  7. Applicants found abusing the program, i.e. falsifying information, intentional deceiving the board review, selling the toys for cash, returning the toys to a store for cash or credit, or any other unethical violation will result in a lifetime ban from the program

  8. The mission of the  Firefighter Charity board is to provide assistance to as many families as possible. However, the Charity Board considers all applications on these guidelines. Applications can be denied for any other reason the board deems.

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